Over the last 20 years, LTH-Baas has progressively expanded its expertise base in all aspects of shipbuilding. The company has gained invaluable experience in all aspects of turn-key projects.

While participating as the first-choice provider at most of the biggest European cruise ships building shipyards, LTH has gained invaluable first-hand experience on Best Practice principles in all shipbuilding applications.

The company built up unique shipbuilding capabilities and capacities (over 600 directly employed shipbuilding professionals).

Today, cruise ships new-buildings’ ‘turn-key’ outfitting is one of the main areas of LTH-Baas expertise.

Although LTH-Baas has substantial experience in public area outfitting, we are particularly specialized in PAX and Crew accommodation areas ‘turn-key’ outfitting which includes:

  • project coordination
  • systems and interior design
  • materials procurement
  • background works:
    • piping systems,
    • HVAC,
    • electrical networks,
    • insulation
  • prefabricated or non-prefabricated cabins erection,
  • furniture installation and corridors interior outfitting

By our dedicated work, we aim to bring back the prestige to be a Shipbuilder!

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