Energy and emission reduction goals have evolved through the years to arrive to a critical point in the pursuit of total decarbonization.

CLIA cruise lines were the first to publicly commit as a maritime sector, to reduce the rate of carbon emissions by 40% by 2030 compared to 2008”

Finding the right technical partners is needed to tackle the difficult challenges ahead. We simplify your journey towards Zero Emissions applying a cross-functional effort.

LTH-Baas has successfully completed turnkey retrofit installations for decarbonization and environmental programs and initiatives.

Portfolio of solutions, we offer include:

  • Technology Improvements and Operations Efficiency
  • Installation and repairs of SOx Exhaust Gas Cleaning systems (ECGS) or Scrubbers
  • Waste and Ballast Water Management Systems
  • Advanced WasteWater Treatment systems
  • SCR and upgrades for lower and more efficient fuel systems
  • Shore-side Power Connection or Cold ironing


We are proud to offer you a complete turnkey solutions with:

  • Basic and Detail design
  • Finite Elements Analysis – Structural Analysis, heat transfer, fluid flow, mass transport
  • Classification Approvals and Certifications
  • Point-cloud Scanning and Materials Prefabrication
  • Global procurement, logistics and resources

Recent Technical Retrofit References

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We simplify your journey
towards Zero Emissions

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