Engineering and Design


Smart Design (VR-modeling & 3D design)

We have introduced a smart design approach by utilizing Augmented and Virtual Reality AR/VR technologies in design of technical retrofit projects.

Design and engineering leadership

The engineering department of LTH-Baas consists of high-skilled top-notch engineers with high academic grades from  recognizable marine and technology universities.

  • Doctors of Science (Aalto University and Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
  • Doctoral candidates (Aalto University and Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
  • Masters of Science (Aalto University)
  • M.Sc engineers from other engineering fields
  • High competence partners

Structural engineering

Advanced fatigue and vibration analysis

LTH-Baas offers:

  • Global & local strength analysis
  • Creating global and local calculation (finite element) models
  • High & low-frequency vibration analysis
  • Free & forced vibration
  • Buckling check
  • Fatigue assessment
  • The basic design of ship structures – glass and steel structures
  • Advanced fatigue and vibration analysis

Design of glass structures in modern cruise ship

LTH-Baas has high competence to design glass structures for next-generation cruise ship

  • In modern cruise ship, thousands of square meters of glass are used
  • Classification rules for glass structure are very conservative and do not consider the advantages of a new type of laminate glasses
  • Optimization is very beneficial and can save a significant amount of mass (money)
  • Also, passengers want to have fancier glass structures
  • To build fancier glass structures, advanced numerical methods are required for strength and vibration evaluation

Basic & detail interior design

Lower vibration design

LTH-Baas offers:

  • Basic & detail interior design of
    • Cabins
    • Corridors
    • Restaurants
    • Etc.
  • Lower vibration design

Interior Design of complex areas

LTH-Baas has high competence of interior design of complicated areas:

  • suites,
  • restaurants,
  • medical center
  • etc.

3D design is extensively used.

Basic, detailed, constructive design allows:

  • Help to avoid uncertainties and mistakes during the installation
  • Better quality and mass control
  • Faster installation

Systems & Piping

LTH-Baas offers:

  • Design of scrubber systems
  • Open-loop, closed-loop, hybrid systems
  • Feasibility studies
  • Risk assessments
  • Fuel Feeder Modules
  • Ballast water treatment systems


LTH-Baas has high engineering competence in various retrofit projects

Conceptual, basic and detailed design:

  • Arrangement design
  • Pipe routing and rearrangement
  • Cover, tanks, and foundation
  • Pipes and scrubber supports

Recent Engineering and Design References

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